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What Wouldn't I Do


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Sometimes to protect the ones you love, the wrong thing becomes the right thing to do.

Dedicated to "A"

My name is Alana Reed Masters... Doting wife and stay at home mom, that's what I was, desperately in love with husband, a man whose bedroom eyes matched his bedroom expertise. A single mom when we met, I fell hard and never looked back until the day he asked me for a legal separation. He won't stop at divorce. He wants my girls, my home and my life. And Dane Masters gets what he wants. I never expected a man like Sam Kealoha to enter my life. recovering from his own heartbreak, he's got the body of a Polynesian God and a primal protectiveness that is sexy as hell. He's the man of my dreams, but I can't keep him. Now I'm forced to make choices that betray my heart while contemplating something that I never thought that I would do-get rid of my husband. 

Praise for the Author

What Wouldn't I Do

Allie Fisher

"Fun, Fresh and totally nuts. Allie Fisher's What Wouldn't I Do pulls you in right away and keeps going with a wonderful, harebrained revenge plot. Put together a young mom who'll go to crazy length not to lose custody of her kids, a nasty husband plotting against her, and a hunky island god who creates one major distraction, and you've got one entertaining read!" - Author Susanna Eastman