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Madison Curse Series

My Beloved Returned

Until You Return

Always Return to Me

Previously titled, Mon Bien Aime.

This title is currently under construction and will be getting redistributed soon.

More updates will be posted as they come in.

If you loved it the first time around, you're going to love what's in store for Zoe, William and Justin next!

Alllie ;)

My Beloved Returned

Zoe Dossin’s world has just been turned upside-down, but to her, it has

 never really felt right-side up to begin with.


 An only child of a dedicated surgeon and loving mother, her choice to quit

 medical school and pursue photography was the only wedge between her

 and her parents when they suddenly passed away.


 Left with the guilt and loneliness caused by her parents’ death, she picks up

 and moves to the only place she’s ever felt safe.


 But her parents’ summer home in Robbinston, Maine may just be the source

 of the demons that have haunted Zoe all of her life.


 Finding Justin Randall on her doorstep wasn’t planned. A local caretaker and

 fisherman whose exceptional good looks and toned physique were just icing

 on the cake. He was not only charming but thoughtful and sweet. Everything

 a girl would want, but Zoe was haunted by something. Someone who had

 never allowed her to have a normal relationship with anyone. Now that she

 was back would Justin be able to compete with a man that existed only in

 Zoe’s mind? Or is it possible he could really exist?


 As good of a distraction as Justin had become, would it be enough to

 remove the man who haunted her dreams since she was fifteen? The same

 man that makes her question everything she knows about the line between

 good and evil, man and monster.


 Forced to make a choice between what she knows is right and what she

 cannot live without, Zoe learns that she is stronger than she ever thought

 and becomes something she can never turn back from.


 The question is . . . is what she has become the cure or the curse?


 Some people are haunted by ghosts, Zoe is haunted by something different . . .