I delcare, after all, there is no enjoyment like reading! - Jane Austin

Meet Allie Fisher

Current Titles: Maybe I Do & What Wouldn't I Do 


Allie Fisher, wife, mother and dental office manager. She never thought in a million years she would be a published author. Allie began writing to help cope with her mother’s diagnosis and battle with Alzheimer’s. Drawing inspiration from her southern roots, tight knit family and friends.

She worked by day and helped take care of her mother in the evenings, but found time to write at night when the house was quietest. It was her sanctuary and she coveted it.

After watching her mother lose her fight with the horrible disease, Allie decided to listen to friends and family as they encouraged her to try and get her work published. Determined she set out on a mission to make that happen.

After several rejections, a very kind and honest editor gave her some excellent advice and a few corrections. Although the manuscript was rejected by TWRP originally, Allie didn’t give up. She made the corrections and resent it to the editor at TWRP who made Allie’s hope of having her book published come true. Now she is flourishing with a second book being released and 2 more in the works.

Her pen name is a culmination of her two grandmother’s names whose hardships, heartbreaks and triumphs have been an inspiration to the author. 

“I love to read, I always have and writing is a way for me to let out all the amazing characters stuck inside my head, not to sound like a crazy person. But all the characters in my books are like friends and family to me and they deserve to have their story told.”

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