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Super excited to say that my release date for Maybe I Do has been set. May 20th is the big reveal, you all get to meet Kit and Aiden.

I will be posting on my facebook, twitter and website (here) the links to purchase a copy. I have some awsome give aways planned for the first people to purchase and write a review for me.

"PUBLISHING PARTY" Everyone who was present at my last pub party knows how much fun we had, well this time, I really know what I'm doing. Food, drinks, music, giveaways, book signings and  reading out of the book by me! The date is tenativley set for Friday, June 3rd at around 7:30pm- the food and drinks run out. I hope to have more information within the next week for you, so stay tuned!

Authors note:

It's seems like such a long time has passed since I created them but they have evolved into amazing characters with the help of my editor, I think. You will have to let me know what you think of them. Please feel free to post favorite lines from the book as well as likes and dislikes and don't forget to let me know when you drop by so I can say Hi, and maybe give you some free swag...;)

Allie ;)  


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Hello family, friends and fans. I am very happy to announce that my manuscript Maybe I Do has been picked up by The Wild Rose Press ~ Scarlet Rose. It will probably be available sometime in the Spring / Summer of 2016.

I am very excited to get to work with this publishing house. They are an amazing group of people and have been very supportive and helpful to me. I encourage you to check out their website for other great authors and stories www.thewildrosepress.com there is also a link below that will direct you to it. I will be posting additional news as I get it so you will know the exact release date of my new book Maybe I Do. I am so very happy to be able to introduce you to my characters Kit, Aiden and J.D. as well as the others in this book. 

I will also be scheduling book signings and a publishing party sometime in the spring so please let me know if you would like to be a part of the party or if you would like me to visit your area for a book signing! 

As always I am eager to hear from you and get your feed back and ideas. I write because I want to encourage, outrage, excite and engage you. I never want to become dull and redundant with my story line or plots and the only way I know that is if you tell me. :)    

Cheers!! Allie :)

Maybe I Do - In Process

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Maybe I Do "Progress"

Well fans, Maybe I Do is resting in the hands of one of the editors at the Wild Rose Press. Waiting to see if they love it as much as I do. They have requested some revisions (Which I have made) now I am waiting to see if that did the trick. Praying and hopeful that I can share this amazing story with you and the AWESOME characters in Maybe I Do.


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Super excited that, thanks to an amazing support group, 'Maybe I Do' has been finish edited and is currently, in the hands of the publishing gods that be. Say a little prayer, that they see the potential in the manuscript and go for it!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and here's to reading Maybe I Do in print by next year! 

Happy Easter!!!

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Happy Easter and spring to all my followers!

So it's been a while since I did any updates and I wanted to fill  you in on the progress of my next book "Maybe I Do". I have decided not to self publish it but to submit it to a few publishing houses to see if I can get it published. Hopefully it will get picked up and be made available to all of you quickly. (some prayers would be welcomed)

I am still working on "Le Maudet" the second book in the Madison Curse series. I am hoping I can get it published as well but in the interim of that prospect I will self publish it for all my fans of Mon bien aime so you won't have to wait any longer. I am hoping to have it finished and edited by fall of 2014.

Thank you for being so patient and all your words of encouragement and make sure if you stop by the website to say hello!