I delcare, after all, there is no enjoyment like reading! - Jane Austin

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WEB OF DECEIT  - by Lauren Reign

This book is so FREAKING AMAZING! I was about to kill Lauren Reign mid way through because she  likes to keep you on your toes and guessing, but WOW does it deliver. Can't wait for the sequel. LOVE. 

You have to read it. *****

BLUE ANGEL- by Nadine MonacoThis is a true love story that doesn't have to stand on steamy sex scenes to get you to fall in love with it's characters. Such a touching story, you will love Mrs. Monaco's writing. *****

DEBT INHERITANCE- by Pepper Winters

I am currently reading the fifth book in this series and I love it and hate it! (In a really GOOD way!) It's a roller coaster people. I have let major stuff go because of this, I hope your happy Pepper Winters!

It's just that good! *****

Anarchy Found - J.A. Huss

I read this book in a day, because it was to good to put it down, adventure and romance abound in this book. Also check out J.A. Huss's BIO its really interesting! *****

In the Flesh - Another one of Sylvia Day's (Livia Dare)

books I loved. Futuristic and engaging. It's short but not so sweet! 

CAPTIVE HEAT - by Susanna Eastman

If you are looking for a quick romp with a hot alien, this is your book! 100% it delivers. *****

*****Of course I love the classics.***** 

My favorite love story is most definitely Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte but only slightly below that is Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austin. No competing with these ladies, that's for sure!