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Release Date:

May 20th, 2016

Maybe I Do

A controlling mother and a high school sweetheart who broke her heart—only two of the reasons thriving lawyer Katherine Boon left her hometown of Isle of Hope, Georgia.Twenty years later "Kit" must return for a wedding. Her goal? To get her niece married and get back to her comfortable, normal, single life in California. The last thing she expects is a one-night stand that rocks her world or that said rocker is the man she hired to plan the wedding.Devout bachelor Aiden Spencer might plan weddings, but he has no interest in one of his own...until he does the unthinkable. He falls for one of his clients. With a little help, he sets out to seduce his way into her bed and into her heart.


Allie Fisher


“Loved reading Allie Fisher’s Maybe I Do. What a wonderful story—sassy, full of Southern charm and lots of hot, sexy romance. Any woman would love to have Aiden Spencer in her life. Five stars!”

~Nadine Monaco, author of Blue Angel 

Sex? Who has time for sex?

“See there, barkeep, she’s legal.” He winks at me, and I almost swallow my tongue.

I realize I need to react and shake my head at the bartender, who at this point is already mixing my drink.

Okay, he’s gorgeous and obviously interested, Kit. So why are you so interested? We don’t do hot men, I remind myself. Cut him loose and go home because if you accept this drink, you will have to suffer the guilt of owing him. You’ve been here before, and you know how it ends, mediocre sex and shame for days. No, it’s a friendly drink that’s all, no sex. He’s only being nice, don’t tell him your name and don’t ask him his. You don’t sleep with a man you don’t know Kit. Hello inner monologue.

“Hello, my name is Ay—”

I hold up my hand to stop him from talking, to stop his advance, and to stop him from sitting next to me. “No, no, no.” Too many no’s, but I needed to drive the point home for him. “No names, simply a friendly drink, and that’s it.”

His brow raises, and he smiles a panty-dropping, thousand-megawatt smile. Damn it, he is sexy.

“Okay, well then you have the advantage because you know my first initial, but I don’t know yours. What shall I call you?”

No Kit, stay strong, don’t stare in those eyes or you are done for. “Kit. You can call me Kit, it’s a nickname of sorts.”

“Kit, that’s a small name, for such a complicated woman.”

I nod and take a large swig of my drink. “You have no idea.”

He smiles again, and I squeeze my thighs together trying to remedy the ache settling between them.

“So, Miss Kit is it? What are you doing here at the Hilton Bar tonight?”